Smart Home Design Ideas

Smart Home Design Ideas

Smart home gadgets form part of the Internet of Things movement and connect us to almost everything. Today, advances in technology are fast-paced, compelling us to pay more attention like never before to various details around us.

Certainly, innovative technologies make our lives run more smoothly and easily. So whether you own or rent, your home is a place that needs to be kept comfortable and well maintained without breaking your arm or leg.

Most smart home connected devices are designed to be more energy efficient, convenient and secure. We dived deeper into the smart home world and brought you three smart gadgets to make your everyday tasks more streamlined, saving you time and money.

Smart homes full of connected devices that help make them more energy efficient, secure, and convenient, are the way of the future. Here we look at three smart gadgets and how they can help you live a more comfortable life.


1. Add value to your home with a smart door

Remember the freaky feeling you get when wondering if you locked the door? Well, with the innovative smart locks and smart garage door openers, users can monitor and control the close/open status of their doors with a few clicks on their smartphones.

Forgot to lock your door? With just a few taps on your phone, you can rest easy knowing your house is safe from burglars.

Someone ringing your doorbell? Use your smartphone to find out who they are. Clever!

This technology is more like having a personal doorman.


Key Features

  • Monitor the status of all your doors from your smartphone
  • Most devices come with a built-in battery to power the gadget when the electricity goes out
  • Most of the devices also serve as video doorbells
  • The average purchase price is about $200


2. Find a personal assistant for more convenience

The Downton Abbey butlers may have had their time, but most of us still yearn for a similar innovative service in our contemporary homes. This technology brings convenience into your home in the form of a virtual home assistant device.

These devices work by listening to your voice commands and instructing your other smart devices what should be done besides playing the role of a handy helper around your house.

Want help getting organized? All you have to do is create a reminder by speaking. Feeling hungry? Just shout your best takeaway order into the air. Leaving for work? Say goodbye to your assistant and watch as your personal assistant gets your lights switched off, doors locked and the heating or cooling system set for your empty home—all without a press of a button.

These devices come in all sorts of designs from wearable smartwatches to the inconspicuous boxes you can use on your shelf.


Key Features

  • Most devices are compatible with other smart-home devices
  • Most devices act as or with portable speakers
  • Most devices can connect to several other apps and solutions to serve as a command point for any task you’ll need to execute
  • Available at an average price of about $200


3. Stay in the know regarding your utility usage

Just imagine getting an alert instantly regarding a leaking pipe that is damaging your house and costing you money. Or your home’s game console ‘sleep mode’ that was only a power hog. These smart utility monitors enable you to do just that.

The innovative devices are connected directly to your pipes and power outlets from where they continually monitor usage and signal you immediately when and where a problem arises.

Armed with this data, the devices generate reports and real-time notifications to help you make timely and informed decisions concerning your utility usage.

Investing in these handy gadgets is worthwhile and sure to save you hundreds if not thousands of money in wasted energy and water leaks.


Key Features

  • Most devices are designed to be plug and play (you don’t need to reconfigure or adjust them) and are controlled through a smartphone app
  • Many of these devices log and generate instant reports of your utility usage
  • Most of the devices provide alerts and give you some control over any area they monitor remotely
  • Available at an average price of $75


These three gadgets are some of the smart ways to utilise technology to enhance the safety, comfort and efficiency of your home. Combined with other smart heating and cooling technologies, as well as the best value residential gas and clean energy plans, you can start saving big on your power bills.


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3 Innovative Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter, More Energy Efficient, and Cooler


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