Commercial Solar for Businesses

Commercial solar is by far the largest return on investment that anyone can readily take advantage off right now. As Businesses operate generally 8am to 5pm these are the prime hours of the day that you could be generating your OWN electricity and no longer being at the mercy of huge power bills.

As a business owner myself I personally understand that at the end of the day we want to minimise all outgoing expenses as practical as possible and this can be achieved by installing a commercial solar system. If you are looking at improving that balance sheet or even just helping out the environment installing a commercial solar system is without a doubt a no brainer.

We have already commissioned over 5MW of rooftop solar across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Northern Rivers NSW region saving business owners thousands and thousands of dollars each year.  We take care of the whole process from designing, engineering and commissioning, we install live data monitoring thanks to solar monitoring, which gives you access to your system via online monitoring to show you how much power you are using and how much energy you are producing 24/7.

Installing a commercial solar system for your business will be the best investment that you could ever make we offer zero dollar upfront finance and tailor the repayments to suit your budget, in other words the repayments will be less than what you are currently paying for electricity creating a cash flow positive investment from day 1.

What do businesses gain after installing solar panels?

A great asset

You have effectively installed a power station on your business property, which can increase the property value.

Greater control

When you purchase electricity from the major energy giants, you’re at the mercy of huge fluctuations and movements on the market. With a commercial solar system, you’ll have more control because we take the time to monitor your individual needs and engineer a system that’s tailored to your requirements.

Green energy

As businesses become more environmentally engaged, making the switch to commercial solar isn’t just enriching for your bank account – it can also help reduce your carbon footprint. A greater number of people are doing their part, and you can too by installing a commercial solar system.

Affordable bills

Installing a commercial solar system on your business rooftop will slash the cost of your energy bills. We’ve seen savings of up to 80% right here in Brisbane.

Why choose Pedleys Solar?

Pedleys has had a huge presence in the energy sector, dating back to 1978 when Neil Pedley founded the company in Ipswich. Since then we’ve grown into a nationwide business operating across all states and territories.

We have already commissioned over 5MW of rooftop solar across Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast, saving business owners thousands of dollars each year. We can take care of the entire installation process, including designing, engineering and commissioning your solar system.

Our team of qualified electricians install live data monitoring with your solar system. This technology gives you access to your system via online monitoring, so you can see how much power you’re using and how much energy you’re producing 24/7.

We offer zero dollar upfront finance options and can tailor your repayment schedule to suit your budget. The repayments should be less than what you’re currently paying for electricity, creating cash flow from the moment your solar power system has been installed.

Contact Pedleys Solar to learn more about commercial solar panel installation today.

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