Solar Panel Design and Installation

No matter what your property and energy needs are, we can deliver a solar panel design to suit. Our team has years of experience in solar panel system design, and can work with you to develop a system that meets your needs. Simply chat to a friendly member of our team to get your solar journey started!

Our Solar Panel Design Process

There’s no point starting a build before understanding your property and electrical needs. For a solar panel design to truly live up to its name, it needs to be developed with you at the centre.

That’s why we always go through our standard 4 steps to understand what solar panel system design will suit you best.

1. Inspecting Your Roof

Gold Coast Solar Panel Design and Build

Possibly the most important stage of solar panel roof design is understanding the roof itself. Our professionals will measure and gauge the size, space, materials, condition, and orientation of your roof. Once we understand exactly what the opportunities are, we can plan the solar panel design and installation procedures to suit.

2. Understanding Your Electrical Demand

We could fit the industry’s largest solar panels to your property, but if you only power about 3 LED lights and a toaster, what’s the point? Our friendly team will learn a little about you and your energy needs so we can deliver the right solar panel system for your property.

3. Some Handy Tips

We’re not just labourers, we’re electrical experts! Our team can help offer little pieces of advice to make the most of your solar. Did you know that only powering your hot water and pool pump can cut a third of its energy consumption, and isolate it to purely when your solar is powering it? Or that LED lights can use around 90% less energy than traditional halogen lamps at night, if you’re running a battery storage system?

4. Calculating the Best Solar Panel Design

Once we know everything we need, we can calculate what system and design is going to deliver the best possible result. We’ll quote a package and the results you can likely expect – not just the over-the-top results that you’re unlikely to ever see. In fact, most of our clients find the actual results are better than the estimates given in the quote!

Ready to start saving on your power bill? Get in touch with the Pedleys Solar team today!

Solar Energy Prices in Brisbane are the most competitive in Australia. With the average 6kw system sitting at $4,000, and $2,000 worth of savings available per year, your system could be paid for in just 2 years! The price is dependable on the STC rebate as well as the quality of the solar panels, inverter and level of service.

In Brisbane, the solar energy rebates and financial incentives make the switch to solar easy and affordable. In addition to Australia’s most common solar energy rebate, there are also a number of Queensland State Government rebates and financial incentives available to homes and businesses.

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