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Are you looking for a trusted solar Brisbane company? Look no further than Pedley’s. We are a team of highly trained and experienced solar power professionals in Brisbane that provides energy saving solutions to everyday homeowners, businesses and residential complexes.

Advantages of Solar Power

Solar energy is associated with long-term savings since the energy is obtained from the sun – a free inexhaustible source. Unlike fossil fuel electricity, a solar system does not have any monthly expenses associated with it. 

The only costs you incur is for purchasing the system and installation. That’s it! Everything else operates on auto-pilot at essentially no cost. The maintenance is also almost non-existent. 

In most cases, only regular cleaning of the panels is required for the duration of their existence which is several years. 

Other benefits of using solar energy:

Solar lowers your electricity bills.

Queensland residents who install a 5 Kilowatt solar system, will see on average that their electricity bills are reduced by $1,385 which over the years can equate to great savings with minimal ongoing costs.

Solar panels are environmentally friendly.

They do not release any greenhouse gases or hazardous waste. In fact, they produce zero waste.

They don’t take up space

By placing solar panels on your roof or on top of other raised structures, valuable space within your yard or around the house, building or complex are not taken up by solar panels.

Products and Services We Offer

Are you ready to start using solar power? Our extensive range has you covered no matter your need.

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