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Best Solar Systems Toowoomba Residents & Businesses

Welcome to Pedley’s Solar, your one-stop-shop for all your solar Toowoomba needs. Pedley’s Solar has been providing energy saving solutions for Toowoomba residents and businesses for more than 40 years. 

We are a well-known company that is trusted by homeowners and businesses in the region. If you’re thinking of making the switch to solar energy in Toowoomba, we can cater for all your solar power needs.

Why Switch to Solar Power?

As the demand for fossil fuels continues to increase, you can expect the price for conventional electricity to also rise. This explains why your electricity payments from 2 years ago is much lower than your present bill. 

By moving to solar power, either partly or fully, you can lower your electricity costs significantly since solar energy is free. You only need to pay for a solar system, its installation, and you’re set for years. You can save as much as 50% of your current power bills, or much more, depending on the solar system you choose.

Other Reasons to Switch to Solar:

Solar Rebates and Subsidies.

In Toowoomba and other parts of Australia, you can access solar subsidies offered by the government. This means you’ll end up paying much less.

Solar systems are convenient.

They can be placed on top of buildings where they do not cause obstruction or occupy viable space.

They’re Environmentally Friendly.

They do not release any form of pollutants.

Our Products and Services

You can purchase all our products and services at 0% finance. In conjunction with available rebates and incentives, a solar system is much more affordable than you think. 

Top Reasons to Choose Pedleys

Experience and manpower. – We have been in existence since 1978 and have the expertise to deliver on even the most complex jobs. We have the workforce to manage any project regardless of the size.

5-star rating – We perform each job to the highest standards hence our rating is above the industry norm.

Fairly priced – Through creativity and versatility we are able to offer solar Toowoomba services at very competitive rates.

We’ll help you access the best solar rebates at no extra charge.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our solar power Toowoomba services you can reach us on 1800 270 963. For an ABSOLUTELY FREE quote visit this page for a competitive estimate.

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