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Residential and Commercial Solar Power Solutions and Repairs

We are a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced solar power and solar electrical specialists. Our solar company is geared towards providing Queensland and Northern NSW homeowners, businesses, and commercial establishments with energy-saving solutions.


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Solar Power Battery Storage

Solar Power Battery Storage

Solar Storage Solutions If you’ve got a solar system for your...

Solar Panel Design and Build

Solar Panel Design and Build

Are you getting what you pay for? Solar Panel Design and Build...

Solar Electrician

Solar Electrician

Electrical Services If you’re after the best solar electrician...


Benefits of Solar Power

As the price of fossil fuels continues to rise year by year, so does the cost of electricity generated through these fuels. As such, many Australians are turning to solar panels to harness solar energy in an effort to save money.

Harnessing solar energy is extremely cheap. You only need to purchase the equipment, pay for the installation, and enjoy the power for years. There are virtually no maintenance costs. Solar panels don’t require any spark plug replacements, and they don’t blow gaskets.

As a guide, on average for a 5 Kilowatt solar system in Queensland & Northern NSW will save you $1,385 on electricity costs, therefore will be between 4-5 years payback period to cover the cost of the solar system.

Other benefits of solar include:

Lower electricity bills ongoing

When you harness solar energy that exceeds your daily household requirements, the surplus power is fed back to the electricity grid and you receive an energy credit on your meter account that is equivalent to your export. You are essentially getting paid for the energy you generated. This payment is deducted from your current electric bill thus saving you money.

Solar energy is clean

It is 100% environmentally friendly. It does not produce greenhouse gases or cause pollution.

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Our Products and Services

All our products and services can be acquired at 0% finance. You can also apply for solar panel rebates from the Queensland or New South Wales government, we can assist our clients with these rebates.

Why Choose Us?

Pedley’s has a long history as a solar company, providing prime solar electrical and energy-saving solutions in QLD & NSW. Founded in 1978, we have a solid 40+ years positive reputation for delivering quality and professional services. Our highly trained and professional technicians and energy-saving consultants have the expertise to handle any solar power job in a cost-effective and timely manner. Whether you have a residential property or commercial building we’ve got you covered.

We place tremendous value on our network of customers who are the backbone of our success. Hence our 5-star performance rating well exceeds industry standards. 


Areas Our Solar Company Services

We have teams in all areas of South East Queensland which includes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba. We also serve the Northern Rivers region in New South Wales.

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How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels can vary, depending on the price of the system, the application and the purpose. Solar panel prices do play a role as there are hundreds of different brands from around the world. With the average 6kw system sitting at $4,000

How much money will solar panels save me?

Solar panel return on investment depends on a consumers usage. The average family will save over $2000 a year when installing a 5kW solar panel system. To check how much money solar panels will save you, use our solar savings calculator.

Do I need solar storage batteries?

Solar storage batteries are essential for every home and business. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy solar batteries now. It may not be the most economically responsible choice based on the current cost of solar batteries. Solar storage prices are defiantly reducing now that demand has increased. It’s all about return on investment. Give us a call and we’ll run the numbers for you.

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