The 2019 Guide to Inverters and Brands

The 2019 guide to inverters and Brands
1.   Fronius - Primo and Galvo
2.   SolarEdge - SE and HD wave
3.   SMA - Sunny boy
4.   Sungrow - SG-KLT
5.   Solax Power - X1
Hybrid Inverters
These inverters combine solar and battery storage in one device. As Tesla and other battery manufacturers develop higher capacity products, these inverters will continue to become more popular, as battery technology represents another area of savings to your power bill. 
Off Grid Inverters
Off-grid systems require powerful battery inverters with an inbuilt charging system. It is a misconception that having solar power installed will prevent power losses from the grid, as regular inverters require connection to the grid in order to function. 
Micro inverters
Micro Inverters are very small solar inverters attached directly to individual solar panels. Each inverter and panel can operate independently and is the best solution if your roof has a lot of shading issues, or no large flat areas to install larger grids of panels. They can be expensive to purchase and install due to the complexity of the system.
String Solar Inverters
This type of inverter connects to a sequence of solar panels - in a string. String inverters are the common in Australia and Asia.

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