Faulty Solar Panel Isolators Spark Fires

Faulty Solar Panel Isolators Spark Fires

The Queensland government has recalled a faulty solar panel part that has sparked forty fires.

Malcolm Richards, chief executive of Master Electricians Australia, has said that Avanco and PV Power-branded DC isolators have caused the fires, as the recalled faulty solar panel isolators can overheat easily.

He has said that he is aware of approximately forty fires that were caused by the faulty solar panel parts, and has warned owners of solar panels to check to see if their isolators are manufactured by Avanco or PV power, and if so, disable them as soon as possible.

However Mr Richards has also cautioned owners that if they are unable to check the brand, or disable the faulty solar panel isolator without putting their safety at risk, then they should call their electrician or solar panel installer to seek advice.

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Faulty Solar Panel Isolators Spark Fires 

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