The Advantages of Solar Power

The Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power installation isn’t just some token effort to look environmentally friendly. In fact, the advantages of solar energy are far greater and wider than you might expect – definitely enough to have you celebrating the sun.

So if you’re considering solar panel installation, here’s what you stand to gain.


1. A Clear Conscience

All solar energy is produced without needing to burn coal or fuel. That means there are no negative effects on the environment – and no nasty gases released into the atmosphere.


2. Government Rebates

The Australian Government is doing everything it can to convince Aussies to add solar power to their homes. And at the moment, that means some pretty generous rebates on solar panel installations.


Find out if you’ll qualify for a rebate by getting a solar panel installation quote with Pedleys Solar.


3. Low Maintenance Costs

Once you’ve got solar panels installed, there’s not much you need to do. Our solar panels are built to last, and every installation is made with care and precision. So all you need to do is sit back, enjoy the sun, and let your solar do the work.


We’re so confident in our solar installations that we offer a 10-year warranty!


4. Save Money

Until you’ve actually owned solar, you don’t really grasp just how much you stand to save. But on average, it takes about 3 years for the savings of your solar panel installation to have paid itself off.


That means that when you hit that magical 3-year mark, you’ll have paid the exact same as if you had never installed solar. And every year after that, you’ll be keeping a little extra cash in your pocket.


Cash In on Solar Panel Installation Today

If you’re ready to start swimming in savings, don’t wait any longer. Chat to the Pedleys team on 1800 270 963 or get a solar installation quote today.


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