If you’re thinking of installing solar panels at your property, Pedleys Solar can help. We have decades of experience in providing solar panel services, electrical installations, repairs, and a wide range of other electrical services. As a local business, you know you’re going to get good old-fashioned friendly service by working with us.


You can trust in our team for all your solar panel needs. From solar panel installation to repairs and maintenance, our licensed contractors can handle all the electrical systems around your home or office.

Brisbane Solar Energy Services


Our solar panel service is up there with the best in the business. Whether you live in a house, apartment, or another type of property, we can design and install a solar system to suit almost every roof. On average, a 5kW solar panel system will save your family over $2,000 a year – and that’s just the start of it! By the time you factor in your roof size, batteries, and average energy consumption, the savings can go even further.

We also offer a range of solar panel repair services across Brisbane and surrounding areas. Simply reach out to our friendly team and we’ll get your solar system running smoothly again.

Gold Coast Solar Panel Design and Build


Pedley’s Solar can design a solar power system to help you make the most of your property’s solar opportunities. Our solar panel design service involves inspecting your roof’s size, tilt and materials in order to thoroughly assess its condition. We’ll also find out as much we can about your electrical usage to ensure your solar panels are able to generate a sufficient amount of power.

Once we have a clear understanding of your property and electrical needs, we’ll design a residential solar energy system to help you achieve the best results possible in terms of efficiency and savings.

Brisbane Solar Storage Installation


Installing a solar storage system is a great way to capitalise on solar energy. Solar panels generate power during the day, but most households hit peak energy consumption in the evening. Pedleys Solar can help you capture solar energy with our solar battery installation service.

From the Tesla Powerwall to the LG Chem, we stock all the best brands for solar storage so you can experience the most reliable solar solutions for your home.

Commercial Solar Power Systems with Pedleys Brisbane

Commercial Solar Power

Commercial solar systems offer a huge return on investment, as generating your own electricity from a clean energy source will reduce your power bills and your carbon footprint.  Most businesses operate between 8.00am and 5.00pm, the prime hours of the day for capturing solar energy. Pedleys Solar can help you take advantage of this by designing and installing a commercial solar system for your business premises.

Designed to minimise operational costs, a commercial solar system could save you thousands of dollars a year. We can also provide you with access to your solar system via online monitoring so you can see how much power you’re producing and using at any given moment.

Ipswich Home Energy Auditing


Our professional home energy audit can identify energy consumption patterns in your home’s electrical systems, including:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Hot water
  • Household appliances

Finding out where most of your power is going will allow us to recommend solutions on how to improve your energy efficiency.

Contact our friendly team to get a quote, and to book our solar panel service today.


Our expert electricians can install, repair and maintain residential and commercial electrical systems. We keep up with the latest advances in electrical technology, and will take the time to understand your unique electrical needs.


Pedleys Solar can help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter without breaking the bank. Our air-conditioning installation service takes the hassle out of finding heating and cooling systems to suit your budget.


At Pedleys Solar, we know how much modern households and businesses rely on internet and telephone networks. We can keep your telecommunications systems running efficiently so you won’t have to deal with inconveniences like slow Wi-Fi or dodgy phone lines.


If you encounter an electrical fault, Pedleys Solar can be called on to provide prompt assistance. From blown switchboards to malfunctioning air-conditioners, we can fix both minor and more serious problems. To minimise the stress involved with getting your home or business up and running again, our electricians will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Ensuring your electrical systems are in good working order is essential to keeping your home and workplace safe. Pedleys Solar can identify faults quickly and arrange a maintenance schedule to help you avoid faults in the future.


No matter what kind of electrical service you require, you can trust Pedleys to provide expert advice on a wide range of electrical and solar systems. If you’re not sure whether we provide the electrical service you need, get in touch with our friendly team for more information.


If you require assistance with a commercial-grade electrical system, it’s important to seek help from a professional with the right skills and experience. Our commercial electricians specialise in working with large-scale systems, so you can be confident in their recommendations.


Industrial businesses typically run on complex electrical systems. Pedleys Solar has a team of experienced electricians who have the training required to safely handle specialised equipment used in industrial settings.


Our commitment to customer service sets Pedleys Solar apart. To experience the Pedleys difference, contact our team to get an obligation-free quote today.

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