Solar Energy Solutions

Solar energy has well and truly taken off in Australia, and there’s no better time to start saving on your power bill! So if you’re looking for the right solar panels for house roofs fitted to your property, look no further than Pedleys Solar.

Solar Panels for Homes

We’ve got decades of experience delivering solar energy to Brisbane. But that doesn’t stop our team from staying up to date with the latest advancements, strategies, and technologies in the solar power energy industry.
Based on current rates, you stand to save thousands on your power bill each year with solar panels for your house. So there’s no better time to have your home booked for solar energy installation!

Solar Panel Rebate QLD

Don’t forget that until July 2028, you’re eligible for the solar panel rebate in QLD. You can receive a 44c feed-in tariff provided you:
• Consume less than 100MWh every year (well above the state average of 6.1MWh per property)
• Have an electricity account for your property (also pretty likely)
• Comply with the rest of the conditions on the QLD Government website.
To find out if your property will be eligible for this rebate, chat to a friendly member of our team today.

Don’t keep paying your over-the-top power bills. Start saving today by chatting to a member of the Pedleys Solar team, and getting a free quote for solar energy solutions for your home.

Brisbane Solar Energy Services

Solar Energy Prices in Brisbane are the most competitive in Australia. With the average 6kw system sitting at $4,000, and $2,000 worth of savings available per year, your system could be paid for in just 2 years! The price is dependable on the STC rebate as well as the quality of the solar panels, inverter and level of service.

In Brisbane, the solar energy rebates and financial incentives make the switch to solar easy and affordable. In addition to Australia’s most common solar energy rebate, there are also a number of Queensland State Government rebates and financial incentives available to homes and businesses.

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