Solar Storage Solutions

If you’ve got a solar system for your property, make the most of it with a solar storage system. Not surprisingly, the power you collect via your solar panels hits during the day. But for most people, the bulk of their power consumption is in the evening – as they’re making dinner, running lights, TVs, computers, and more.
To make the most of the power being caught by your solar panels, you’ll need a solar power battery storage system. And to make them easier on the pocket, you can even apply for the government’s rebate. Under the right conditions, you could save as much as $4,500 off your solar storage systems.

Residential Solar Power Battery Storage

At Pedleys Solar, we stock all the best brands of solar storage. From the Tesla Powerwall to the LG Chem, you can experience the best and most reliable solar storage solutions for your home. The right unit can hold enough charge to completely power the average home for a week – so you know you’re making the absolute most of your solar panels.

And you won’t have to sacrifice space to house the batteries. Modern units can be held to a wall, and take up almost no room at all.

With solar storage solutions dropping in price by the day, it’s time to make the most of your solar power system. Chat to a member of the Pedleys Solar team today, and chat about which solar storage option is best for you.

Brisbane Solar Storage Installation

Solar Battery Prices in Brisbane are the most competitive in Australia. The adverage cost of installing batteries for a home can be as low as $9000. The solar upgrade can be done at any time and is available to homeowners with existing solar panel systems.

In Brisbane, the solar energy rebates and financial incentives make the switch to solar easy and affordable. In addition to Australia’s most common solar energy rebate, their are also a number of Queensland state government rebates and financial incentives available to homes and businesses.

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