Queensland Solar Rebates and Solar Credits Scheme

Pedleys Solar stays ahead of the game, continuously uncovering the financial incentives and opportunities that are available to the residential solar market. The special division has been deployed to focus operations on community and residential solar rebates for grid connect solar power systems as well as solar storage as the new technology unfolds throughout Australia. Pedleys Solar take the guess work out, leaving consumers with the latest, and greatest solar rebates available to you. Learn more about home solar rebates below.

Solar Credits Rebate

IMPORTANT: The Solar Credits Rebate will be reduced at the end of this year! Learn more here.

The Solar Credits rebate give enormous savings to consumers that switch to rooftop solar panels. The solar subsidy is determined by the location and the size of the solar panel system. Under the solar credits scheme, Pedleys Solar is able to offer a point of sale discount of more than $4000 for the average home that installs a 5.0kW solar panel system.

Almost every home in Australia can access to this incentive, which can reduce the cost of solar panels by thousands of dollars!

Don’t be put off if you don’t live in a house. If you you live in an apartment or a town house, you could also meet the criteria to apply for the solar credits rebate under the scheme. In order to be eligible you must meet the following additional criteria:

  • Applicant must be an owner occupier of an apartment within the apartment block
  • You must have permission from body corporate
  • You need to provide proof that the panels are owned by you (an invoice from Energy Matters will suffice)
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How the solar rebate works

When you select Pedleys Solar as your residential solar panel supplier and installer, our team will simplify the process at no extra cost! Here’s how the process works through us:

  • Select a special, submit for a quick solar quote from Energy Matters or contact our friendly, expert consultants for advice.
  • A no-obligation quote on the basis of the information you provide will be generated, including the Solar Credits discount. An email copy of the quote will also be sent to you.
  • Accept quote and pay your deposit.
  • Installation occurs.

Don’t forget about solar feed-in tariffs (FiT)!

While solar feed in tariffs (FiT) are not exactly classed as a solar rebate, the financial benefit needs to be considered when exploring rooftop solar panels. The solar feed-in tariff’s are an additional  incentive in place to make the transition to solar even more appealing. Solar feed-in tariffs exist in most states and pay you for the excess solar energy that you produce. Learn more about solar feed in tariffs.

Is your solar feed-in tariff ending?

In the past, the solar fee-in tariffs were considered generous by most Australians. In some parts of the country, consumers were able to sell solar energy back to the retailers at a rate much higher than the supply charge. The solar feed-in tariffs can change quite quickly, and dramatically as we have seen in recent years. It’s best to get on board sooner rather that later as some of the older feed in tariff programs in Australia will be ending soon, with those participants being switched over to current programs.

We’ve published some guides to help those affected:

  • Victoria (Transitional Feed In Tariff)
  • South Australia (Group 4)
  • New South Wales (Solar Bonus Scheme)

Battery system rebates and subsidies

Solar energy storage is the evolution of the solar industry – and there can be some financial assistance for purchasing a solar battery system depending. Again, this is dependable on where your property is, and weather your are looking for a hybrid battery solution or a complete stand alone off grid solar panel system. Learn about energy storage incentives here.

Get on the road to solar savings today!

Get a quick solar quote, check out our discount solar power packages and get started on making the switch to generating power from the sun today – you’ll have clean, green electricity powering your home very soon!

Other Home solar rebates

Keep coming back to our site to learn about other home solar rebates.

Solar Battery Prices in Brisbane are the most competitive in Australia. The adverage cost of installing batteries for a home can be as low as $9000. The solar upgrade can be done at any time and is available to homeowners with existing solar panel systems.

In Brisbane, the solar energy rebates and financial incentives make the switch to solar easy and affordable. In addition to Australia’s most common solar energy rebate, their are also a number of Queensland state government rebates and financial incentives available to homes and businesses.

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