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Solar Storage Batteries

While battery storage has been readily available for quite some time now there has only been one major obstacle in the way…PRICE! In the last 5 years we have seen solar batteries nearly half in price this is due to more factories producing larger quantities.

So with the prices now being more viable and technology evolving rapidly there are now so many different types to choose from, that when Pedleys Solar comes in. Once we have scheduled an onsite assessment we install a solar analytics meter to gather the data of your home/office usage during 24 hour period to map out your consumption profile. We will then size a solar system to offset your day time usage and then choose a solar storage battery to suit your after hours consumption requirements.

I already have solar panels can I install solar batteries ?

Homeowners that already have solar power installed can still utilise their existing solar panels to charge a solar storage battery however they will require a hybrid inverter, there are a number of different types of hybrid inverters on the market for example Solax Hybrid and Sungrow Hybrid inverters. These operate by using the power generated during the day to offset the users consumption and charge the solar battery at the same time.

What types of batteries are there?

There are a few different types of batteries on the market from gel , lead acid and lithium storage batteries. Which all have their own pros and cons, the most common type for house holds being lith ium for their safety, size and consumption profile for example the LG Chem RESU will allow a 90% DOD (depth of discharge) where most lead acid batteries will only allow 50% which means you will need to oversize to gain total coverage.

How long will my battery last ?

Most lithium batteries like the LG CHEM RESU for example offer a 10 year warranty which equates to 6000 cycles and gel type solar storage batteries like Narada offer 3 year warranty.

Is solar storage right for me?

With energy retailers continuously increasing electricity prices and lowering feed in tariffs there has never been a better time to make the switch to a solar battery storage system. Pedleys Solar has already helped hundreds of customers around south east Queensland make the switch and saved thousands of dollars. Here are some more key points why your clients choose Pedleys Solar:

  • Expert advice and real time data analysed and explained in layman’s terms
  • Make the most of your system instead of exporting to the grid charging your own solar storage system
  • NO longer be at the mercy of rising electricity prices
  • NO more black outs! Pedleys Solar can install an EPS box which means no interrupted power next time there is a storm or a black out in the area
  • Helping the environment by no longer relying on conventional fossil fuels
  • Web based monitoring so you can monitor your battery usage and performance
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